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The World’s Standard of Measurement . . .
Escalator Step/Skirt Performance Index



Escalator Entrapment Potential Evaluation & Analysis
Physical Measurement Technologies’ IMD-1 Step/Skirt Index Measurement Device is the standard for evaluating entrapment potential on escalator systems.The IMD-1, in combination with the EVA-625 (or MMC-1) system, and EVA Elevator & Escalator Analysis tools software, allows the complete evaluation of the newly defined step/skirt performance index (A17.1-2000). The index is meant to provide a quantitative measure of entrapment potential based on both the loaded gap and coefficent of friction.

  • Step/Skirt Index

  • Loaded Step/Skirt Gap

  • Coefficient of Friction

  • Real Time Evaluation

  • Recording/Documentation

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The Step/Skirt Performance Index was defined under a multi-year study with the purpose of establishing measurable parameters that affect the potential for entrapments on escalators. Entrapments in this case include finger/hand, calf, and shoes trapped between the escalator step and skirt. Based on empirical data, it was determined that the gap between the step and skirt, and the coefficient of friction (skirt panel and skin/shoes) were quantities that had a significant affect.

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IMD-1 Manual

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